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When Can I Sleep on My Stomach After a Tummy Tuck?


Dreaming of a sleek and toned abdomen, many individuals turn to tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) to achieve their desired look. However, undergoing this procedure requires careful post-operative care to ensure optimal results and minimize complications. One common concern among tummy tuck patients is when they can safely return to their preferred sleeping position—on their stomach. We address this question and provide recommendations for a smooth recovery process. If you’re considering a tummy tuck, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Schmelzer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Immediate Post-Op Care:

After your tummy tuck surgery, it’s crucial to follow specific guidelines to promote healing and prevent complications. One of the primary concerns is protecting the incision site and sutures. For the first few days after surgery, it’s advised to sleep in an upright or semi-reclined position, ideally in a recliner. This positioning minimizes strain on the abdominal area and helps prevent unintended pressure on the sutures.

Why Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach?

Sleeping on your stomach too soon after a tummy tuck can be detrimental to your recovery. This position can exert pressure on the abdominal area, potentially causing the sutures to rupture or stretching the incision site. This could lead to complications and less favorable results.

No Lifting:

In addition to avoiding sleeping on your stomach, it’s crucial to abstain from lifting heavy objects immediately after surgery. Your abdominal muscles will need time to heal and regain strength. Lifting heavy objects can strain the surgical area and compromise your recovery.

Recovery Timeline:

While the exact timeline for when you can comfortably sleep on your stomach again may vary from person to person, a general guideline is to refrain from this position for at least three to four weeks following your tummy tuck. This timeframe allows your body to heal and your incisions to strengthen, reducing the risk of complications.

Consultation with Dr. Schmelzer:

Considering a tummy tuck is a significant decision, and it’s crucial to have a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Schmelzer guide you through the process. Dr. Schmelzer, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializes in tummy tucks and offers free consultations to discuss your goals. Whether you have questions about post-operative care, recovery, or the procedure itself, Dr. Schmelzer provides you with in-depth information about your tummy tuck.


A tummy tuck can be a transformative procedure, but it’s essential to follow proper post-operative care instructions to ensure the best results. Avoiding sleeping on your stomach for several weeks and refraining from heavy lifting. Explore your tummy tuck options, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Schmelzer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Achieving the body you’ve always wanted starts with making informed decisions and entrusting your care to a skilled professional. Call 801-743-0700 or book your consultation online today!

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