Consultation Expectations

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The day of your consultation can be associated with both excitement and anxiety.  So you can be as comfortable as possible, here’s a little of what to expect during your consultation. Your past medical history is important to your evaluation and treatment, so please either arrive early to complete your forms or take advantage of our patient forms online.
Dr. Schmelzer will be accompanied by a female chaperone, when appropriate, and you are welcome to bring a supportive spouse or friend.  You may be asked to change into a robe for your physical examination. Questions are welcome at any time and you may certainly call the office later and/or return for additional information. Photographs, without identifying features, will often be taken for pre and post-operative comparison. Treatment options will be discussed and a personalized treatment plan will be detailed. You will likely be given additional written and/or web based information and resources.
An office staff member will then discuss the detailed pricing of your personal plan. A printed copy will be given to you.  There will also be scheduling opportunities at that time. Our receptionist will be able to assist you with anything you need, such as return appointments, payments, further questions, prior to your departure.