The Difference Between a Neck Lift and a Facelift

If you’re like most middle-aged people, chances are you constantly strive to maintain an attractive facial appearance. In doing so, you attempt to make sure that the areas around your eyes, nose, and mouth project smooth, youthful skin. These regions of the face can be improved through facelift surgery.

However, the neck area is a region of the face that is often forgotten when men and women focus on rejuvenating their entire face. If neglected, the natural effects of aging can leave the neck with wrinkled and sagging skin that can considerably affect the appearance of the face as a whole. Therefore, to restore a youthful look to the neck and project a more attractive facial look, many individuals often choose to undergo cosmetic treatment with a neck lift.

A neck lift can successfully improve the appearance of:

  • Jowls
  • Loose skin on the neck
  • Excess fat deposits under the chin

How a Neck Lift is Performed

A neck lift is carried out by placing inconspicuous incisions in front of the ear lobes that go behind the ear and end in the lower part of the scalp. As excess skin and fat tissue are extracted, the remaining skin is lifted to the edges of the incisions behind the ear and the lower scalp.

Combining a Neck Lift With a Facelift

In many instances, a neck lift and facelift are performed in conjunction with one another if both the midface and neck are in need of improvement. Patients who undergo both procedures with Dr. Schmelzer typically experience very pleasing results that last for many years. In addition, wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day will help maintain the results.

Fat Injections

In some cases, patients may think they need a neck lift, but come to find that another form of facial rejuvenation is better suited for them. If volume loss alone is all that exists in the neck, then fat injections can be administered to provide a revitalizing appearance to the neck.


There may be some pain, tightness, and swelling following a neck lift, but these symptoms will be relieved with prescribed medication. Bruising may last between 7 to 10 days after the procedure is complete. It is recommended that patients sleep with their head elevated to help speed their recovery and healing process.

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